Hotel Papillon Ayscha, Belek

They try to be nice with you and you are treated with respect most of the time. if you enjoy alcohol they have beer and other drinks all day long. Interesting activities during the day. Almost good for families with babies they have few things that can keep them busy and have fun.

poor/cheep shower, the kit is not fully functional, I find this unacceptable. The Vegetarian Food sign was hidden behind the bar, that's insulting as it shows you they know how best practice should be but for some reason they just don't do it. you don't know what the food contains and just few of them speak English. The morning so called 'orange fresh' is awful everybody complains about it, they are still serving it. It is strange to see orange trees but no real fresh drink served. there was an entertainer on the stage every night asking people to raise hands depending on where they're coming from, which country. It was annoying that many countries were missed during 7 days, being employed by the hotel the expectation is for him to know who the clients are. He was asking if anyone from UK (and there were 4) and missed to ask from other countries where there were 20+ present at the table. The program for babies on stage ends very fast. The photographers are annoying and they are taking pictures of you without your confirmation. Almost all hotels in region have pretty much same food, same entertainment program, same facilities - it means they all agreed upon them therefore is hard for 1 of them to stand up and improve anything as will kind of challenge others to do the same (while they don't necessarily want) Good food that ends quickly is not being replaced easily and others that people don't touch are left there and served while their freshness is questionable. you cannot find a list of cocktails and what they contain and if you ask for something, as they don't speak EN very well you might get something else instead.

Curatenie: 9, Confort: 8, Amplasare: 8, Servicii: 5, Personal: 6, Mancare: 7, Pret: 6

Hotel Papillon Ayscha, Belek

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Curatenie: 10, Confort: 9, Amplasare: 9, Servicii: 10, Personal: 10, Mancare: 8, Pret: 9