Șoimoș Fortress - details and images

The area of ​​the fortress was one of the largest, in the territory of the western counties. By the end of the 15th century, he counted almost 100 villages spread not only on the surface of Arad County, but also in the neighboring Timiş. The villages of the domain are reviewed again at the beginning of the 16th century.
Legend of the founding of the cities of Şoimoş, Şiria and Dezna
The three fortresses were built by three sisters. The three virgins met in Syria. The first one said, "If the good God helps me, my city will be ready tomorrow." The second did not stop: "And my city will be ready tomorrow," she said. The third cried defiantly, "Even if the good God does not help me, my city will be ready tomorrow." After the craftsmen finished the construction of the three fortresses, they collapsed. The virgins turned into white snakes, each wearing a golden crown on their heads and a golden key in their mouths. Thus they appear every year, waiting for the deliverer to take their crowns and keys, after which they will again become virgins and the cities will reappear in all their splendor.

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