Astra Traditional Folk Civilization Museum - details and images

Astra Folk Civilization Museum, located 4 km from the city, in Forest Grove, was founded in 1963 as the Museum of Folklore, an area of 96 hectares and 10 kilometers an exhibition circuit.

Grove Area impressive shows in areas marked as space and smooth theme, wonderful world of the Romanian village. Open Air Museum was founded in 1963 by a team led by Cornel Irimie, known as the Popular Technology. Only, in 1990 the museum will be called the Museum of Traditional Folk Civilization.

But the idea of an ethnographic museum is open but the older, the museum is a continuation of the current first-Ethnographic Museum History of Romanians in Transylvania (Sibiu, founded in 1905 and closed in 1950).
Windmill of Civilisation ASTRA Museum in Sibiu Grove. A lower inlet hydraulic mill was first brought into the grove of Sibiu and monument we see today in the museum's logo.

Over time the collection was developed and the museum could be opened to the public in 1967. A few years later began adding farmhouses, with workshops, that will be added in 1989 to monuments such as: church, school, tavern, bowling alley, etc..

In this area visitors can admire the houses in the countryside, with interiors decorated in its original form, household equipment invented by the people of the village, traditional means of transport, etc..

Also, an area of 3 hectares lies an exhibition of modern sculpture in wood, with works inspired by village life.

Also, visitors can enjoy a ride on the dinghy on the lake, in a carriage or sleigh in winter.

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