Bridge of lies - details and images

Built on the site of a gate tower of the second chamber of fortifications, Lies Bridge linking two sections of small markets, allowing the link between Lower Town and Upper Town, is undoubtedly the best place in Sibiu uploaded by legend .

Representing a true symbol of the city, Lies Bridge was rebuilt in 1859, the factory's Fredericus Hutt, being the first in Romania and second in Europe made of cast iron, with decorations by traforare and ends with two large circles with arms decorated Sibiu.
Initially, according to chronicles of the time the bridge was built of wood, Emil Sigerius in 1771 stating that "passing under the bridge is illuminated at night lies three torches and guarded by three sentinels.

By building this bridge, access between the two sectors of the market as is done on a cluster of buildings, demolished in 1851. The wall supporting ladder frame incorporates a square stone remnant of a medieval building. Liars Bridge is considered a romantic place where the meeting gave their lovers, while traveling on his behalf at least four legends.

The closer to the truth seems to have similar linguistic origin. Because that was the first high bridge without pillars of support, and said he was "lying bridge. Or, in the Saxon dialect "down" (lugenmarchen) is homonym of the word "lie." So then had to weave all sorts of "stories" on account of the bridge. Local elders confer even "quality" human. They said that the bridge "feel" every lie uttered by those who cross it begins to groan in a typical, giving thrills, ominous creaking joints and gives the impression that the rail will fail at any time following his collapse liar empty .

Today it has become the pride of the city. On one side of the bridge is seen the completion year, and Saxons on the other side emblem, two crossed swords, and above them a crown, symbolizing the time, subjecting the Saxons against the Hungarian king and the Principality of Transylvania.

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