Church of Saint John (Franciscan) Brasov - details and images

St. John Church is a Gothic building that has undergone several transformations in the Renaissance and Baroque (sec. XVI-XVIII). In form the present church dates from 1711, which explains the preponderance of use of Baroque style. The church belonged to the Franciscan order of monks, who were persecuted and driven from town in 1525 by the Saxons moved to Protestantism.

Inside, the church has an organ dating from 1908 and a beautiful Baroque altar decorated with a scene depicting the baptism of Jesus Christ in the Jordan by John. Statues inside the Church of Saint John was portraying the Virgin Mary, St. Joseph, St. Anton and Savior Jesus Christ.

Today the church is a place frequented by the Roman Catholic faithful, but also the Christians belonging to the Orthodox confession coming from this church to pray to Saint Anthony of Padua.

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