Constantin Brancusi sculptural ensemble - details and images

The three components of the sculptural ensemble in Targu Jiu - Table of Silence, Gate of Kiss and Endless Column - are arranged on the same axis, oriented from west to east, with a length of 1275 m.

Table of Silence, made in limestone, is the mass before the confrontation with the battle in which combatants will participate. Time is hourglasses-chairs arranged in it measured. Everything there in silence.

Kissing gate, built of travertine, is the gateway through which the passage to another life. Reason Kiss, currently the goal posts could be interpreted as the eyes looking inward.

Endless Column, or infinite sacrifice, by Sidney Geist considered the peak of modern art, is a true "spiritual testament" of the artist, a true axis mundi, as if designed to support the heavens forever. 29.33 meters high, consists of 17 modules rhomboidal cast.

The assembly was inaugurated on 27 October 1938. In the era of socialist realism itself, Brancusi was challenged as one of the representatives of cosmopolitan bourgeois formalism. Only in 1964 was rediscovered in Romania as a national genius and, consequently, all of Targu-Jiu could be arranged and cared for, having been left derelict quarter of a century

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