Grossmünster Cathedral - details and images

According to the legend that circulates among locals, Grossmünster Cathedral was founded by Charlemagne in place when the horse has brought to the ground. In that place were found the graves of three Christian martyrs of the first centuries of Christianity. Two of the martyrs buried in this place are found Felix and rule. Legend says that after he was beheaded, the two ran into the hills holding hands and heads, until they collapsed in the place where this church was built later (in the eleventh century).

Grossmünster cornerstone for the Cathedral was laid in 1090, most of the cathedral was finished by the year 1230. The church was dedicated to Saint Felix, and Exuperantius Rule, who became patron saints of Zurich city. From the thirteenth century, the image of the three saints carrying their own heads began to be used on coins and seals of the city officials. They appear today in the Zurich city emblem.

After fire of 1763, turns and roof were destroyed Grossmünster Cathedral. They were rebuilt in the form of Gothic bell towers, watch towers and domed octagonal. They can still be seen today. The fire also led to the interior decoration of Baroque art objects. Despite all the work that took place in the Cathedral Grossmünster, it has not yet regained its former brilliance Romance.

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