Hermitage Patrunsa - details and images

Mens Hermitage is situated in the village, Valcea, 7 km away from the village and has «Saint Paraskevi" from his mother's name Bishop Climent.

This monastery was built in 1740 by the Bishop of Ramnic Climent here to commemorate the fact that his mother was born Paraskeva Lower Modoran of stonemasons, a glimpse over the mountains for fear of Turkish invasion, sheltered at the foot Buila instead Patrunsa called today.

Hermitage is destroyed after the fall of a cliff, being rebuilt in the second half of the eighteenth century, postelnicul Dumitru, Dean John Bărbătescu postelnicul Pietraru and probably the descendants of Bishop Climent.

In 1895, the hermitage was again abandoned and left without servants, but was revived and re-blessed the years 1934 to 1935 on 23 August 1936, by Benjamin Grigorescu monk effort.

The present building dates from the century. Century painting and folk-influenced style Brancovenesc (see St. Demetrios, St. George painted above the entrance to the porch outside).

Church has changed in 1963 and 1977 when the house was built Grigorescu Benjamin Abbot (1935-1975) and Paul Niculescu 1975-1990, when the church was closed and covered with tin porch.

Hermitage today is kept in good condition and is declared a historical monument.

In 2006 there was a new church in the care of Fr. Barsanuphius Gherghel.

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