International Airport "George Enescu" Bacau - details and images

George Enescu International Airport (Bacau International Airport, IATA code: BCM, ICAO code: LRBC) is an international airport located near the town of Bacau, Romania. The airport was opened to the public and property on April 1, 1946. It has a length of 2500 meters, width 80 and an area of 200 ha, George Enescu Airport in London is the largest in north-eastern Romania Bacau County serving both passenger and neighboring counties.

The current airport was officially opened in 1971. In 2005 he was being expanded and modernized increased consistent.Pe Bacau airport December 30, 1975 was designated by presidential decree "international airport". In 2002, government, this status was confirmed again.

Its geographical position in the center of Moldova within walking distance of major cities in the region, Galati, Brasov, Suceava, Iasi, Piatra Neamt, Vaslui, Focsani and easy access to the European road and railway line Bucharest-Suceava E85 are important for access airport. Today, the Bacau airport throughput more than 250,000 passengers since their number is increasing. The number of companies operating the inflatable Bacau airport has grown from a single, Carpatair in 2002, three, Tarom, Carpatair Clubair. The airport is leased to businessman Nelu Iordache, for a period of 34 years, since 2009. Nelu Iordache holds air operator Blue Air. In 2009, airport traffic was 250,000 passengers.

Bacau is connected by direct flights by airports: Timisoara, Milan, Rome, Turin, Cuneo, London, Bergamo, Paris.

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