Mihai Eminescu Central University Library - Iasi - details and images

Established in 1835 as the library of the Academy Michaelian, Central University Library "Mihai Eminescu" Iasi is a cultural institution whose evolution has transformed it into a main component of engineering in university life today, with its distinct role in which its functions informative and educational quality are intertwined with the treasure of thousands and hundreds of thousands of precious volumes which it holds in its collections.

Place of culture, Central University Library provides the documentation required for learning.
Although initially it was conceived as an institute library geographically (thus the construction of the dome, which would be installed telescopes and a radio station) or Institute of Science-Foundation "King Ferdinand I", as it was built was primarily intended to house "a vast library with the most modern organization." Iasi branch today hosting three institutions: the British Council, German Library U.S., Educational Counseling Center of Fulbright committee.

Great poet Eminescu was a conscientious director for the Library that bears the name of pride today. He lived more in the Library, from morning till late at night, avidly searching the shelves of books and manuscripts. Library built between 1930-1934 by the engineer Emil Pragner after C-tin Jotzu architectural plans is one of four central libraries in Romania.
The interior of this architectural monument is worked in Carrara marble and Venetian mosaic, and the exterior is embellished with sober and elevated ionic style columns, pilasters neodorici small triangular pediments and medallions with the founders of the founders of our nation and national culture.

On February 1, 2006 the library held a total of 2,426,209 bibliographic units that contribute to satisfy the needs of information and research.

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