Monastery of St. Teresa of Avila - details and images

Monastery of St. Teresa, Carmelite order which belongs barefoot, was built between 1629 and 1636, under the direction of the bishop of Avila, the Gaceta Marquez. The monastery was built by architect Fray Alonso a project of San Jose.

Baroque facade of the church is interesting, giving a sense of stability. Inside, the floor is in the shape of Latin cross, which is hosted in arms sculptures signed by the master Gregorio Fernandez. The monastery is located on Market St., was built in exactly the place where he was born and lived the first part of his life St. Teresa. It is an active monastery, most of it remains, unfortunately, closed to the public.

Relics preserved relics of St. Teresa Hall and St. John of the Cross. Holy relics are shown to the public, namely, a finger of her right hand, a strap of one of his sandals, a piece of her robes and a tool for self-flagellation. St. Teresa's hand and heart are at the Carmelite monastery near the town of Alba de Tormes. In the monastery courtyard is arranged and a small garden where he used to play when he was a little saint. The monastery St. Teresa's tomb is still preserved.

Pilgrims can visit but the place where it was born. It was adorned with a beautiful baroque chapel being built in large church of the monastery. The chapel is decorated with scenes from the holy life.

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