Oradea International Airport - details and images

Oradea International Airport (IATA code: OMR, ICAO code: LROD) is officially opened to international traffic of persons and goods, dot border police, customs, police, health veterinară.Aeroportul International serves Bihor Oradea and the surrounding areas including over 750,000 inhabitants , Oradea city with over 250,000 inhabitants and six cities located within a radius of 100 kilometers with a population of over 300,000 inhabitants. International Airport for traffic growth. TAROM flights from Bucharest airport has daily frequency.

An important element of future potential demand for transport is the development of foreign travel to Oradea, Baile Felix-related or other tourist areas. International Transport of Romania, for Romanians traveling abroad and for foreigners who travel in Romania, has changed considerably in recent years. Felix offers considerable potential for development. Felix dates from the 1700s and are famous worldwide for thermal mineral waters used in treating many diseases. Many hotels have their own bases of diagnosis and treatment. Currently, work focuses on Felix therapeutic treatments in some conditions, including rheumatism. The main feature is the water thermal baths which is a geological feature of the area. Currently, there are about 2,500 rooms listed with two or three stars and a total of 6,000 rooms in 12 different hotels. Rustic area around -. Stana de Vale and Apuseni Mountains.

Domestic destinations: TAROM (Bucharest-Henri Coanda)
Charters: Ion Tiriac Air, Tarom (Constance during summer)

Oradea autonomous transport available to transport passengers comun.De line machines are also available for conducting racing taxi.

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