Roman Catholic Church Calvary - Satu Mare - details and images

A church was built in the footsteps of the old city Castrum - Zothmar in 1844 but the foundation, because nisipilui acquiesced and the walls have cracked. It was completely rebuilt between 1908-1909 by Weszelovszky brothers.
Before 1711, near the church today there Cetatăţii church dedicated in honor of the Virgin. In some ruins remaining from ancient walls can be inferred that the old church was built in Gothic style. Outside the church was the city cemetery.

Act church is known as "Calvary", although it is dedicated in honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It is Mihai Eminescu street no. 3. In the past there was the episcopal residence in the yard was a hill which consists of digging ditches. Hill was called "the drummer" because here have been made to the people most important news. Church Calvary "was built in 1844 by Bishop Janos Ham. Her project and resort project Via Crucis (Way of the Cross) in the yard, was prepared by Tischler Albin, canon pastor of the village and Rangers owner of Satu Mare.

In this church there are two communities: a German language existing before 1989, and the Roman Catholic community of Romanian language, which came alive in 1992 and currently includes approx. 160 families with a total of about 500 faithful. Participation in Sunday Mass is about. 60%. During the week, about 30-50 people.

Romanian-speaking Roman Catholic community is a true hope for this diocese, because it consists of very dynamic believers who engage in various forms of spiritual activity.

In October 2004, the two communities, Romanian and German, who belonged to the Roman Catholic Cathedral of Satu Mare, have been elevated to the rank of a personal parish in accordance with the canons of the Catholic Church (515-518), with faithful pastors for their spiritual support according to language: Romanian, German respectively.

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