Schönbrunn Zoo - details and images

In the summer of 1752 the Emperor Franz I. Stephan von Lothringen, the husband of Maria Theresa, he led his guests through the first new menagerie arranged garden Schönbrunn Palace. Since then Vienna is the oldest zoo in the world.

Since 1906 was recorded at Schönbrunn an eye opener: for the first time in the world born in captivity in Vienna, an African elephant. In 2007 he followed the second world premiere: the first was born in a zoo, a baby panda by natural reproduction, little is known Schönbrunn Fu Panda Long. In August 2010 a second was born Panda Bear.

Schönbrunn Zoo is today among the most modern and best equipped in the world zoos. Animal Habitats are arranged very generous and very close to the natural environment. Here live more than 500 species of animals - from the Siberian tiger and rhinoceros to the hippopotamus. The main attractions are the rainforest pavilion, dedicated large parcel of South America and named ORANG.erie flag, the new home of the orangutan in Vienna. In spring 2010 the route was inaugurated theme "Adventures in nature" (see Naturerlebnispfad). Zoo expands each year with new buildings and spacious enclosures for animals.'s Historic charm zoo is still maintained.

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