The Museum of icons on glass - Sibiel - details and images

Fr Zosim Sibiel Oancea Museum gǎzduieşte largest exhibition of icons from Transylvania existentǎ today's glass roof, an inspiring artistic creativity splendor of bogǎţia religioasǎ-born Orthodox Christian tradition and fantasy ţǎrani Romanian painters.

Fusion techniques unicǎ Western and Eastern traditions, familiar icons on a large glass roof aceastǎ flowering region of Romania in the first decades of the eighteenth century, reaching peak dezvoltǎrii between 1750 and late 1800, reaching almost to have it between the two then stingǎ rǎzboaie world.

Sibiel Icon Collection began in 1969. There was then the parish, nine icons on glass. It was after the restoration and painting of the church was no question of placing the church as a monument of art, the circuit of national and universal culture. He felt the need for another thing, and in this paper ostenitorul second treasure discovered by local homes - icons on glass - thought it would be the best complement to the cultural heritage of the historic church near Holy Trinity Sibiel .

He appealed to this end, the spirit of sacrifice of the villagers and in a short time, the collection has grown to around 150 icons. To broaden the collection, first in the villages around, then all areas of creation, reaching now to around 600 a piece.

Given this realization, he started to build a shelter, first in the small building, built in the years 1970-1971, and more from within a larger one, built in the years 1976-1983. Contributed to this achievement: Sibiel believers through the donation of icons through volunteer work and through modest cash contributions, parish leadership, the church staff, councils and comutete that there have been, state administrative authorities, community and to the Department of Religious Affairs.
With the same support, with helping hand on an auxiliary Bishop Anthony Plamadeala, it was up to the World Council of Churches in Geneva, which have contributed by helping Diakonisches Werk company with the amount of $ 16,000.

The whole work was carried out under three Sibiel hierarch: Bishop Nicolae Colan, Metropolitan and Metropolitan Anthony Plamadeala Mladin. Meanwhile, the parish was Zosim Oancea.

So intertwined and developed work at Sibiel innumere to reaching today among the most attractive cultural and tourist points of the entire county of Sibiu, Transylvania, and giving her testimony about the age of the Roman people to the creative power of these lands.

Museum Collection presents icons on glass by the 600 exhibits, the main types of icons on glass roof, along with works of some of the most important painters of icons.

As a final and comprehensive characterization, we reproduce the Dutch newspaper Trow - 17. 04. 1974 - under the title "Sibiel treasure hidden in the Romanian Carpathians" - Jan Roeffs: Those who have crossed the old Transylvania, which has a very nice landscape, we must pay attention Sibielului a relicvar full of art treasures .. only this facet of Romania deserves a round of 1,700 miles (the distance between the borders of Holland and Romania).

We can say that Sibiel is the largest museum of icons on glass from Europe. Near the church, a few meters, is a museum that houses a lot of icons painted on glass. Many of them were older than 200 years, and their value is inestimable.

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