Varghis Quay - Harghita - details and images

Varghis are situated near the village Meresti (Harghita county), the Persian Mountains area.

Varghis is one of the most impressive karst conservation areas in Romania and there are a large number of caves, about 50. Of these, the most important is certainly the Meresti Great Cave, one of the longest caves in the Eastern Carpathians. This cave is known for catching the interest of tourists in the past century despite difficult access to it.

Varghis rocks found in the height of skyscrapers are among the many streams flowing down the mountain, a rich fauna and flora and traces of prehistoric settlements

In addition to many rare species of animals and plants of a total of 30 bat species in Romania, there are 17. Here is a land of peace, which the cavers say the following: "Those who have not seen the world of silence, can not understand."

Nearby there are two natural reserves Park arboretum Varghis and Glade daffodil Varghis.

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