Wat Prathat Doi Suthep - details and images

Two Prathat Suthep Wat is one of the most famous temples of Thailand, dominating the city in its spectacular location. The temple is often called just two Suthep, although it is actually the name of the mountain is located. The temple is situated 15 km from Chiang Mai and is a sacred place for Thai.

The road to the temple through some beautiful waterfalls and scenery around the temples is impressive platform.

The temple dates from 1386 and is known among Thais as one of the most important religious places in the country. Over time the house was expanded, adding more and more holy shrines. With distrinctivul or chedi (altar) overlaid, considered the most sacred temple area, and the court dressed in marble, the temple is full of symbolism and very crowded.

The road to the temple was built in 1935. And if the 300 steps leading to the temple you find too many, a truck offers a quick shortcut. Entry to the temple to cart costs 30 Thai baht for foreigners (Thai baht or 50 round trip) and is free for Thais. Once at the temple, visitors must be barefoot.

The temple is open daily from 06.00 - 18.00.

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