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Castelo de Sao Jorge (St. George Castle)

Castelo De Sao Jorge (St. George Castle)

Lisboa Region, PortugalCastle can be seen from almost any point and is one of Lisbon's major attractions. Its oldest parts date back to the late sixth century when it was fortified by the Romans, Visigoths, and eventually the Moors.

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Castelo dos Templários e Convento de Cristo

Castelo Dos Templários E Convento De Cristo

Lisboa Region, PortugalThe Convent of Christ (Portuguese: Convento de Cristo/Mosteiro de Cristo) is a former Roman Catholic convent in Tomar, Portugal. Originally a 12th-century Templar stronghold, when the order was dissolved in the 14th century the Portuguese branch was turned into the Knights of the Order of Christ, that later supported Portugal's maritime discoveries of the 15th century. The convent and castle complex is a historic and cultural monument and was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1983.

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Castle Of Mours

Lisboa Region, PortugalThe Moorish castle allows to admire the rocky paths between rocks and cliffs, a unique landscape that extends to the Atlantic Ocean. Overlooking Serra de Sintra, with irregular configuration, it is made up of a fortification built around the tenth century after the Muslim conquest of the Iberian Peninsula and expanded after the Christian re-Christianization.

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