Aircraft Holidays Cuba 2021
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Cuba 2021 - Vacanta De Paste, Havana

Cuba 2021 - Vacanta De Paste

Havana, Cuba, Cuba

    • Airplane (10/15 - 10/24/2021)
      Departures in date: 10/15

    About Cuba


    Republic of Cuba is a country in northern Central America, located on the largest island in the Antilles, which lies at the confluence of the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean. Cuba occupies the island and other neighboring islands (like Isla de la Juventud, also known as the Isle of Pines). The main island is the 16th largest in the world of.
    The largest island in the Caribbean, is blessed with spectacular scenery, rich cultural relics and valuable, but also with some of the best beaches in the world, which reveals km of fine white sand bathed by crystal waters and warm. An historic country with values that can be experienced in cities - museums, Havana and Trinidad, entered in UNESCO, but also an exotic country that offers one of the most beautiful scenery in the Caribbean, with mountain ranges, valleys or plains fertile, rich in tobacco and coffee.

    Cuba, a Caribbean destination famous for rum and tobacco known her, she opened an international tourism in the early '90s. Since then has become one of the most exotic destinations. Beyond that gate fame tobacco and rum, Cuba offers superb beaches, a rich cultural heritage and fascinating city with a very old Spanish colonial architecture and a very tempting nightlife. Varadero, the largest seaside resort on Cuba is the perfect choice for an exotic holiday dream, offers the Cuban coast, although not very low prices because the cost of air fare, modern hotels annually accommodate thousands of tourists from around the world being the main attraction, besides the beaches, exciting nightlife, the parties and the Cuban lifestyle. A mini holiday city break in cities like Havana, Santiago de Cuba and Varadero will undoubtedly reveal the original beauty of Cuban culture and architecture, sometimes giving the impression of being back in time somewhat. With an area of ​​approximately 110.000kmp Cuba can be found in full and travel offers cruises type circuit or at tempting prices for such a tourist destination.

    Climate: Tropical, with specific savannah with dry winters. Average temperatures vary between 28 ° C in summer and 22 ° C in winter. The transition from one season to another is felt especially in this rain. Winters are relatively dry, except when the winds blow nortes (north wind), which bring moist air and cool. The wet season runs between June and October, when rainfall reaches sometimes very high, even becoming unbearable. Late summer and fall can make their appearance tropical cyclones, which can be devastating to the west of the island. Throughout the year, the northern trade winds bring rain on slopes with northern exposure. The best time to visit is in the dry season from November to April. To recommend a cooler evenings pluover or a thin jacket; dinner does not recommend shorts and shirt.

    Tourism: Cuba is a dream destination for tourists, despite the civil conflict that took place here over the years. It is an ideal destination for divers and lovers of birds, but also for iuitorii history and culture, given the history zbucuiumata Cuba as socialist country in the Caribbean Basin.
    Cuba has always been typical image of a Caribbean island, alive today feature that gives unique charm. The beaches fringed by clear waters, tropical breeze, mango and guava plantations, crowded cities full of fascinating examples of Spanish colonial architecture, with large squares, classic cars, music, all combine to create a special assembly. But the country is also known for cigars and rum or very popular worldwide, for baseball, for revolutionary tradition and especially the figure of Fidel Castro.
    Its history is very old, Christopher Columbus discovering the country while returning in Spain after the second trip to the New World in 1492. Columbus was the first European to discover its beauty fascinated, but the country was so great that famous explorer thought he had discovered a new continent, not an island.
    Paradoxically, the decades of political and economic isolation have preserved the natural charm of the country, shielding it from mass tourism, which might have destroyed this balance, preserving its colonial charm instead. It has a lot to offer any tourist, but the general consensus is that the country is special, hard to understand and to love other than knowing it directly.
    Cuba and especially the capital, Havana, is among the most important tourist destinations in the Caribbean. Other important cities are Santiago de Cuba, Camaguey, Santa Clara, Holguin, Guantanamo, Matanzas, Cienfuegos and Pinar del Rio.
    A trip to Cuba is missed if you visit primarily Havana then Varadero, the most important tourist resort of the country, where there is the most beautiful beach, or Santiago de Cuba, a city impressively old and in the east of the country, and many other destinations.

    Havana: capital, located in a sheltered bay that holds true cultural and architectural legacy from the days of Spanish settlers in the sixteenth century. Among the most popular targets in Havana include Villa of San Cristobal de La Havana (1515) port, city walls National Capitol etc. Havana is a true architectural gem, and in 1982 UNESCO declared the old town and fortress in Havana UNESCO World Heritage.
    Varadero: the North Island, on the Hicacos Peninsula, 140 km east Havana. Part of Matanzas province and is the largest resort on the coast of Cuba, with a population of about 20 000 inhabitants, and the most popular holiday destination in Cuba. It is a paradise for holidays with water azure, where you can admire seascapes with magnificent coral reefs and rich fauna underwater, here there are more than 20 dive centers, known worldwide, 20km of white sandy beaches more luxury hotels and golf courses.
    Keeps the old colonial architecture, but the twentieth century makes its presence felt in hectic nightlife in cabarets, clubs and cinemas. Nobody can say that he has not heard of the famous cigars, the cerveza (traditional beer) or the legendary cocktails.

    Health: some vaccines are not mandatory, but is recommended vaccine for hepatitis A and tetamus.
    Input / Output in the country: it is recommended entry with things / objects necessary for personal use is banned imports of fresh foods; can get out of Cuba: 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars maximum or 250 g of tobacco; 500 g of coffee, 50 g perfume or cologne 0.25l; souvenirs worth up to 180 euros, 1 l alcohol hottest 20% alcohol volume or 2 liters less than 20% vol.

    Official currency: the Cuban convertible peso Cuban peso; 1 Cuban Peso = approx. 0.9 euro. In general you can also use traveler's checks or credit cards in hotels, restaurants, car rental companies, under one condition, it has not been issued in the US. It is forbidden to leave the country with CUP; CUC can be exchanged at banks, hotel, airport.