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About Maldives


MALDIVES is an island nation consisting of a group of atolls in the Indian Ocean, south-west of India in the United Laccadivelor Indian Ocean. The 26 atolls of the archipelago form a territory of 1,192 islands of which 250 are inhabited.
MALDIVES is the smallest Asian country both in terms of area and population. It is also the state with the lowest maximum altitude in the world.
When we think of Maldives imagine a paradise: white sand beaches, turquoise lagoons with water, with reserves of coral reefs, multicolored fish, spectacular sunsets, breathtaking. It is really a wonderful choice for a memorable vacation. Wild islands or resorts luxury modern villas or bungalows on the water or spas arranged every spring, all make the Maldives an ideal destination for relaxation, away from the bustle and stress.
Regarding leisure resorts offers opportunities for many activities, from water sports (surfing, diving, water skiing, snorkeling, the sea or offshore fishing), to spas (where you can indulge in sauna , massage and beauty treatments, the latter being made with algae and plants idigene). Maldives Islands form an individual exceptional ecosystem and are subject to the laws of nature, like the tides or other conditions specific to the season. The intensity can vary from year to year, taking each time measures to prevent beach erosion. For this we request understanding, recommending the use of slippers.

Medical care: there are hospital on the main island of Male in some resorts such as Sun Island Resort & Spa (South Ari Atoll) and Kuredu Island Resort (Lhaviyani Atoll), where there are health centers well equipped, manned by a doctor . Conveyor (North Male Atoll), Kuramathi (Rasdhu Atoll) and Kuredu no decompression chambers. For the transport of drugs covered by Narcotics Act requires a medical certificate.
Requirements on health status and vaccines: Your first aid kit should contain all the necessary medicines will be personal or it might be necessary. With few exceptions, medical care is not guaranteed on tourist islands, available only a first aid kit. Your kit should contain in case of gastrointestinal drugs, painkillers, antibiotics and disinfectant and ear drops, spray / anti-mosquito cream and sunscreen (high protection factor). For transfers longer than by boat recommend having your pills against seasickness.

Climate: Maldives, located near or directly under the equator, naturally have a tropical climate. Green vegetation is maintained throughout the year. Temperatures are around 30 ° C, the hottest months being April / May and November / December. During the northeast monsoon (December to April) is little rain, but the southwest monsoon (May to November) is characterized by heavy rainfall.

Ecosystem: After global warming, there was also a warming equatorial waters, which led to the phenomenon known as coral bleaching. Fortunately, Maldives ecosystem recovers from year to year, the corals grow back abundantly and Maldives still holds one of the most beautiful underwater ecosystems on Earth. This is why it is necessary to protect these unique natural conditions. Note that Catches or export endangered species of fish, turtles, coral or shells. You can thus help to protect the ecosystem of the Maldives.

Sport: All diving centers and those of surfing and sailing, working on their own. For the ones who should be mentioned that these activities can be practiced only by observance of the local rules and medical conditions. Payment is made in USD, and on most islands it is added to the hotel bill.

Fees: A fee (local tourism tax) totaling $ 8 / person / night, this amount is usually included in the hotel rate. If type offers tourists free nights fee will be required. Children under 2 years this fee must be paid directly to hotel / child / day, after exceeding this age is included in the hotel rate.

Cash and Currency: The official currency is the Rufiyaa, 1 EUR = approximately 20 MVR (June 2014). Imports and exports are strictly prohibited.
We suggest you carry your USD (lower-value banknotes) / credit card (there may be some fees). Overall payments are made in USD. We do not accept payment by travelers checks.
Please note that advance payments to the local agency transfers (or others) may be made by credit card, only cash.

Additional notes: Alcohol: For Muslims drinking alcohol is strictly forbidden to try to force a local not to consume alcohol. The islands can be ordered alcohol complexes, but they no restaurants in Male. Importation of alcohol is strictly prohibited.
Drugs: In Maldives possession of drugs is also prohibited, breach of the rule being severely punished.
Electricity: Each island has its own generator, which can sometimes fail due to adverse weather conditions. On some islands is generating electricity by using solar energy, so in case of bad weather there may be problems in this regard.

- Departure times for the return transfer (hotel - airport) are established by each hotel
- Normally valid passport is required at least 6 months after completion of unfolding
- Medical insurance is recommended