Bus Ukraine 2021
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Circuit Descopera Ucraina Senior Voyage Autocar 2021, Cernauti

Circuit Descopera Ucraina Senior Voyage Autocar 2021

Cernauti, Ukraine, Ukraine

    • Bus (07/19 - 07/27/2021)
      Departures in date: 07/19

    About Ukraine


    Ukraine, a vast territory in Eastern Europe with a very varied landscape ranging from the Carpathian Mountains and to the Black Sea coast boasts hundreds of museums, a great culture, often influenced by civilizations that passed through here, what striking was the Soviet, but also numerous nature reserves and towns whose reach and 900 years old. Kiev, the Ukrainian capital, a cosmopolitan city of increasingly modern annually attracts tourists from all categories, offers city break in Kiev or Lvov is becoming increasingly popular, bookings at relatively cheap prices, rising in hotels in Kiev from year to year. Tourists come here are interested in the beauty of the city but also offers shopping tempted and Kiev with a giant mall and many extremely interesting sights. Special Offers destination Ukraine are generally completed and flight, but with a little courage, Ukraine can be visited by car.