Achillion Palace - details and images

Achillion Palace is located approximately 10 kilometers from Corfu town in Gastouri village, built by Empress Elizabeth of Austria in Bavaria, also known as the Sissi after a suggestion made by Austrian Consul Alexander von Watzberg.

After the tragic death of her son Rudolf, Elizabeth decided to start a new life in Corfu. Classical building was designed by Italian architect Carito Rafaelo and was decorated inside and out with neo-classical statues. Sissi gave himself the name of the palace as favorite classic hero Achilles. After the death of his daughter Gisela Queen Sissi palace inherited and sold the German emperor Wilhelm II. After the Second World War, the Palace became part of the Greek. The palace was designed by the mythical hero Achilles as a central theme, which it certainly makes it a place to take your camera. This beautiful building in picturesque gardens overlooks the sea and Corfu town. Famous for the British public as the birthplace of Prince Philip, Achillion Palace is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Corfu. Make sure you have enough time to explore Gastouri because it is a picturesque village with a rich personality.

Achillion Palace is today a museum. There are some remains of the times of King William and Queen Elizabeth II that can still glimpse inside the palace. Remarkable is the difference between the figure of Achille exposed in the palace by Sissi and exposed by Wilhelm. Sissi chose embodiment Achilles dying while trying to remove his arrow to the heel. Wilhelm instead exposed to a huge statue of Achilles as a hero standing proud, strong and indestructible.

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