Acropolis of Athens - details and images

Acropolis means "upper town" and that because, in antiquity, for safety reasons and to be defended more easily, the city center was built on a ridge on a hill or the highest part of town.

The word is of Greek origin, and most Greek cities (Corinth, Thebes, Argos, Athens) had one acropolis. But many other cities built on the heights in Europe or the Middle East fall into the category of the Acropolis.

The best known, however, is the acropolis of Athens, which, due to the many important buildings that have survived until today, is simply called the Acropolis. And I must admit, when we think we hear the word automatically Acropolis in Athens.

Most buildings of the old acropolis of Athens have been preserved in a better state or not ... But many art objects or parts of construction were taken by the British and is now at the British Museum in Athens - so at some point the question arises if mlte see and learn about visiting the Athens Acropolis ...

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