Ada Kaleh island - details and images

Kaleh Ada (Ada Kale from Turkish, meaning Island Fortress) was an island on the Danube, in 1970 covered by the waters of the reservoir of the hydroelectric Iron Gate I. The island was at about 3 km downstream from Orsova and have a size of about 1.7 km long and about 500m wide.

Because the island's strategic position in the Austro-Hungarian conflict with the Ottoman Ada Kaleh had a special importance. In 1689 the Austrian army has built a fortress against the Ottoman Empire.

Ada Kaleh for residents of the region was a popular tourist spot because of prices (being tax exempt) lower for the purchase of Turkish delicacies, jewelry and tobacco. The island was famous for rose growth and production of oil and fragrance thereof.

Before creating the reservoir of the Iron Gate, the main historical sights on the island were destroyed. Rebuilding their output test Simian Island in the coming years, however, was unsuccessful, most people preferring to move to other regions of Romania (eg. Dobrogea) or to emigrate to Turkey.
The idea of rebuilding Kaleh Ada was not abandoned

Ada City-Kaleh, Simian displaced in 1968 on the island, following the construction of the Iron Gates hydro, will be rebuilt, starting with this year. Built between 1719 and 1738, Ada-Kaleh city-bastion, located about three miles from the place where the Iron Gates I dam, was completely covered by the waters of the Danube.

Part of the cemetery on the island, Mahmut Pasha's house, some articles and part of the fortress walls Ada-Kaleh catacombs were moved to the island Simian and the world's largest carpet long, 15 meters wide and 9 meters weighing 500 pounds, gave the island by Sultan Abdul II in 1904, was transferred to the mosque in Constanta.

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