Agriculture Museum (Slobozia) - details and images

Located on B-dul Matei Basarab no. 10, Slobozia and having an area of 3866 square meters, the Museum of Agriculture in Slobozia is the only museum of this kind in the country and the only museum in the heritage that a wooden church (monument of architecture of the century XVIII).

Heritage museum consists of wooden church "Poiana" - historical and architectural monument, (1737), which provides religious services for all Parish of the Annunciation, Farm Perieti model - a monument of agrarian history, the largest seed-producing farm vegetables and flowers from eastern Europe in the first half of the century. XX, outdoor units: a) Headquarters: barn (1869) traditional ovens for baking bread, coils of Fountain (1853, 1937); mean Funeral (1889, 1877), b) in situ: stone grinding mill wheat and maize "Korona" (1910), Palos, Brasov county, mill rolls "GANZ" (1894) and rustic stone mill (1912), Buces, Hunedoara county, complex installation including stone mill (1935) and mill for finished cloth, driven by motor DEUTZ "(1912), Danica, Valcea county, representative collections (over 11,000 pieces): tools, agricultural machinery and equipment, industrial archeology, transportation, ethnography, history, memoirs, art and religion. , scientific and documentary archive: over 70,000 units, the library: more than 11,000 units and a park: over 55 species dendrological.

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