Ajuda Palace in Lisbon - details and images

The interior is decorated with furniture, tapestries, sculptures and decorative art extravaganza. All are the result of the boundless wealth of the 18th century, when diamonds were discovered in Brazil, the Portuguese colony in those days.

Notable are the ceiling of the Winter Garden was a gift from the viceroy of Egypt, Chamber Music and its precious porcelain, the Ball Room and the Chamber Ambassadors. But most impressive is actually occupying the Throne Room entire south wing of the palace. The room is served dinner is decorated with crystal chandeliers, chairs covered in silk and allegorical fresco on the ceiling there is the birth of King Joao VI. Tourists will notice and certainly very interesting collection of clocks scattered throughout the palace. Table Service is one of the few royal meal services in Europe which still are intact.

At the main entrance are 23 marble statues, each representing a particular attribute, such as generosity and gratitude. Also had a monument dedicated to King Carlos. A steeple of a church can be admired here. It is all that remains of the demolished church called Nossa Senhora da Ajuda church.

Address: Largo da Ajuda, Belem

Transport: Tram - Line 18

Hours: 10:00 - 17:00 (closed Wednesday)

Card Access is free to Lisbon.

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