Aladja Monastery - details and images

Aladja Monastery is one of the famous 120 stone monasteries located near the Black Sea country. The monastery was arranged in the caves of some caves or to affect earthquakes, after which between the longitudinal galleries vertical connections were established through rock collapses. The monastery is one of the most famous ancient religious settlements of the territory of Bulgaria.
The Aladzha Monastery is a church and a small chapel for their care forms an important and historical medieval monument. This is one of the most well-preserved stone monasteries in Bulgaria and yet it can remain easy, according to the lifestyle of the trip for care I live here.
Aladzha Monastery is decorated with a fresh religion, but unfortunately most of them are very degraded. Only some of the fresh things have been preserved, but they cannot be very clear, which lie in the chapel.
The monastery survived the tumultuous early days as a zealous guardian of Bulgarian culture, language and orthodoxy.
In the year 1927 the Aladzha Monastery is declared a national historical monument, and in 1968 an architectural monument of national importance.
The distance of 600-700 meters is in the costume of a group of caves, known as "Catacombs". The discoveries made - pottery, coins, graffiti and others, testify that "The catacombs were located during the early Christian era (5th-6th centuries).
The stone monastery is located in the central part of the Natural Park "Golden Sands" or protected area with rare tree species

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