Albertina Museum Vienna - details and images

Collection founded in 1776 by Duke Albert of Saxe-Teschen, Empress Maria Theresa ginerii one of over a million prints and 60,000 drawings. Famous works as "hare" or its Dürer's Hands in prayer, "Rubens's studies of children, but also masterpieces by Schiele, Cézanne, Klimt, Kokoschka, Picasso and Rauschenberg are displayed at temporary exhibitions.
Albertina has always, in his new collection to the public, the most fascinating artistic direction of the last 130 years: from French Impressionism to German Expressionism, the Russian avant-garde to the present. "Lake with water lilies" Monet's "Dancers" by Degas and "Portrait of a girl" will captivate the attention of Renoir's equally paintings by Beckmann, Mack, Chagall, Malewitsch, Rothko, Rainer and Katz.
In addition, the Albertina has a collection of architecture and a photo (among others, Helmut Newton, Lisette Model), whose works are presented in special exhibitions.

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