Alhambra - details and images

Alhambra is one of the giant, greatest and most beautiful buildings in world history. This city is in Grenada, on a stretch of 800 meters long and 200 wide. Alhamar monument was built during Moorish rule in Spain and worked at it day and night 42 years. Hence its name derived from the Arabic word and means red Alhamar: reminiscent of torchlight shining at night while he was working without interruption. According to others, however, the word would come from Muhammad Alhamar which means great, mighty. Finally Some say that the name came from a red marble stones and bricks of which it was made. With all the hard work was never fully monument completed. . The main part forms a huge room over 60 feet long, beautifully adorned with graceful drawings, sculpturil and endless arabesques which the richest laden with gold, threw an open hand and even wasteful.

This is justice and court room, where the frontispiece is written: God alone is the winner. Moorish sovereigns received official visits here, and here were tried and convicted traitors and nercedincioşii. This room served as the residence of Charles V. Finally is also found among other things, the beautiful courtyard of the lions of 300 meters, all white marble and surrounded by a gallery supported by 128 white marble columns all. In the center of this courtyard is the famous fountain of the lions, because it consists of an enormous alabaster basin supported by 12 black marble lions. Water gushing from the mouth of these distances form one of the most rich and beautiful play of water, water is then distributed through many channels in many different buildings. This pool is designed for purification of water, ordered the Arab religion, for that purpose in the neighborhood is a large mosque.

Condescria history of Alhambra, The palace stands on a large land mass, hill nearby is covered with lemon trees, the bay, palm trees, orange trees and flowers, rivers with great expense to make up games of water, waterfalls and producing basin fecundity of the earth and spreading the sweet freshness. Trees are populated by birds, and on top of hills within the forest stands IBS in a palace, where the eye without obstacle through rich and sweet plain that from the main fortification Grenada amphitheatrically stretches over a distance of several kilometers.

Today the word Alhambra expression remained as a symbol that all can be beautiful, uplifting and grand as construction, architecture, pictorial art throughout, decorative and sculptural.

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