Altamira Cave - details and images

Altamira Cave is located in northern Spain, near the beautiful medieval town Santillana de Mar. Thanks very unique frescoes on its walls, is also called the "Sistine Chapel of Paleolithic." Unfortunately, however, most of these ancient works of art are inaccessible to visitors today.

In the late 60s there were still banned in the cave access. It attracted so many visitors eager to admire with your own eyes the wonderful images of bison and other animals painted on the walls behind with about 14 000 years since the inhabitants of the cave. The presence of visitors inside the cave but led to progressive deterioration of the frescoes, so they set rules becoming more stringent access, currently being completely inaccessible grotto public.

Do not give up but plan to visit Altamira, because the most famous of the paintings can be admired in the museum nearby, which is an exact replica of the cave. Altamira Museum, dechis mid 2001, is located about 300 meters from the original cave. The author is Spanish architect Juan Navarro building Baldeweg. The museum presents a permanent exhibition through the most modern technical means different aspects of people's lives during the primitive community. Replica 1:1 scale original cave is underground space of the building. The paintings on the walls, showing a number of 76 bison and other animals, are absolutely identical to those of the Paleolithic period and were made of sacks and Matilda Múzquiz Pedro.

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