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Castle rises above Innsbruck is one of the important sights of the capital of Tyrol. Its historical and cultural significance is linked to the personality of Archduke Ferdinand II (1529-1595), a Renaissance prince who promoted the arts and sciences. He founded the famous collection in Ambras Castle and the Netherlands has built a museum after the most modern criteria of his mind.
Ambras Castle is a historic cultural edifice located south-east of Innsbruck near the village Amras. The castle was built in Renaissance style during the reign of Archduke Ferdinand II von Tirol. In this castle there is a picture of Vlad Tepes.
Presentation of current attempts to restore the Hall of Art and Curiosities of the Archduke, armor and other armor and Collection of Antiquities.
In the times of Ferdinand Upper Castle served as housing, today, 3 storey housing Portrait Gallery with images from Habsburg Albert III (1349-1395) by Emperor Francis I (1768-1835). There are more than 200 portraits on display, some are works by artists known as: Carnach Lucas, Sir Anthony More, Titian, Van Dyck and Diego Velasquez.
The ground floor of the Upper Castle is Late Medieval Sculpture Collection, the focus is the altar of St. George took the Emperor Maximilian I.


- Hall of Artas Attractions
- Upper Castle
- Armor.

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