Anafonitria Monastery - details and images

Holy Monastery dedicated Anafonitria Virgin Mary, built in the mid 15th century, in the early Venetian domination, is located 25 km northwest of Zakynthos Town and 6 km south of Volimes.

This monastery is located in Plemonariou area, near the village of the same name. Was built in the mid 15th century in honor Vrefrokatoussa Panagia (Virgin sustinatoarea newborn), but took his name after the miraculous image of Our Lady that houses Anafonitria. This icon was brought from Constantinople when the city was conquered by the Turks.

Several buildings make up the monastery, also a tower that was built for defensive reasons and is used today as a bell. Agios Dionysos, patron of the island, has spent the last years of his life in the monastery where the forgiven and the one who killed his brother.

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