Angelokastro - details and images

Angelokastro (in Greek means "Castle of Angels") is a thirteenth century fortress situated on a hilltop almost inaccessible, Ala altitude of 600 m. Near the castle there is a balcony - to the point belle offering unique panoramic views of visitors sea ​​caves area Palaiokastritsa.

Angelokastro is located above the highest peak on Corfu coastline on the northwest coast near Palaiokastritsa, and was built on a steep and rocky terrain particularly. Angelokastro Castle is one of the most important Greek and Byzantine castles, of course, in Corfu. In 1537, 3,000 people from surrounding villages took refuge in the fortress Angelokastro, fleeing the Turks. On the same hilltop church also was St. Archangels Michael and Gabriel, and in a cave on the northwest wall of Agia Kyriaki is the chapel.

It forms an Acropolis, which guards the region to the south Adriatic Sea and therefore represented a point of strategic advantage to the occupant formidable castle. Construction technique in a location so isolated and so impossible is remarkable by any standards, not just the Middle Ages. He played a central role during the Great Siege of Corfu of 1571, when the Turkish attack on the flank of the northwest of Corfu was successfully rejected by defenders of the castle.

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