Anton Pann Memorial House - details and images

Anton Pann (1794 Sliven Bulgaria - 1854, Bucharest) was a poet, composer and professor of religious music, folklore, literary, publicist, home Aromanian, music composer of the Romanian national anthem.

Home - Anton Pann museum was designed to illustrate the interior of a modest fair housing in the mid-nineteenth century, there was submitted pieces of furniture (sofa, bookcase, table, chairs), decorative tin, brass, pewter and portraits of personalities of the era: that of mother including Meletina, abbot of the monastery the typographer From a Wood and John Popovich, who had connections with the writer's life and work.

In the second room of the exhibition is presented interior painted furniture that is specific to the Transylvanian region, highlighting the connection Anton Pann had with this piece of land.

In the last room of the museum are musical works, collections of folklore, poetry and stories of Anton Pann. (New Erotocrit, Sibiu, 1837, fables and stories, Bucharest, 1841, talked story, Bucharest, 1847, Nastratin Hogea, Bucharest, 1853, etc..) Worth removing printing and literary activity.

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