Aquarium - Cosntanta - details and images

The idea of setting up an aquarium in Constanta belonged to Admiral Balanescu, a proposal that expressed it in the Romanian Navy League in 1938.

It was built on the cliff Casino in Constanta, the plans of architect A. Bernovschi. It hosts a variety of fresh and salt water fish and invertebrates from the Black Sea and Mediterranean migrants in total some 2000 fish of 60 species.

The location of the various species in the basin has been respected wherever possible taxonomic criteria. The largest pool it houses the largest collection of sturgeon, famous both for its scientific importance and for the longevity of specimens in captivity, reaching 18 to 20 years.

Of particular interest are non-economic species, less known sea cat and the sea fox, scorpion and dragon, sea stars, pony, sea needle and thread, etc..

Permanent exhibition space for presentation of aquatic fauna and flora has 57 wells.

Aquarium has the following sections:
Marine Department,
Department freshwater indigenous
Department of exotic species.

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