Arad International Airport - details and images

Arad International Airport has the advantage of a remarkable degree of accessibility is located 4 km. West from downtown Arad, its geographical position relative to track center is 21 ° 15 '14 "East, 43 º 10' 35" North, 106 meters above sea level, the total area of 157 ha. They enjoy a good strategic position being at 250 km from Budapest and 300 km from Belgrade. It is located near the border with Hungary, 30 km d nearest road crossing-Turnu and 20 km from the nearest rail border crossings - Curtici.

The ground was arranged a suburb Gai Infrastructure landing field, and the air station hangar, left after the 1917 military campaign. Here, on July 14, 1912, was held at Vienna return from Aspen Aurel Vlaicu a big rally wing Romanian aviation pioneer was hailed by locals as a hero of all Romanians.

As a result of negotiations carried to establish a new airport on 30 May 1935 by municipal civil aviation crashes in suburban Ceala land, which will begin construction of the infrastructure. Current air station construction was completed in 1936 and officially opened the new airport took place on 14 November 1937. From now on all of the air traffic will be on this location and arrivals and departures were made on a grass runway. Traffic requirements made necessary the construction in 1953 of a concrete runway length of 2000 meters. Pathways roll A and D were made with the runway - off. Beaconing was rebuilt in 1954 and equipped with lamps Elba.

Arad-Airport Cargo Terminal, Airport component of Arad is located near the Free Zone Arad, being able to handle freight traffic by rail which connects Western Europe to the Middle East. It is located near the border with Hungary, 30 km from the nearest road border crossing (Turnu) and 20 km respectively from the nearest border crossing point on the deck rail (the Court). "

The location provides easy access traders in the nearby area, especially in the counties: Arad, Bihor, Alba, Hunedoara - Romania and that Bekes, Czongrad - Hungary, in this type of cargo.

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