Arad Old Theatre - details and images

The building, built in neoclassical style, is the center of Arad since May 1817.

The exact date of the inauguration is not yet known. It is certain that in autumn 1817, in November, this has worked German theatrical troupe led by Christopher Kun. The first important event of the theater, immediately after taking office was to present on stage Thaliei on 27 February 1818, a show in Romanian, by showing students Preparandiei Arad, falling among the first Romanian theater performances in our country. Far from being a single cultural act, representations were continued in subsequent years.

The existence of a permanent building, over the years, brought on stage at shows many famous bands and artists like Derynné series in 1818, Treuman in 1845, and his son Johann Strauss concert in 1847.

Years after 1848 are the most fruitful period in the history of ancient theater. During this period, it is noteworthy that in the years 1868.1870 and 1871, the theater has arrived in Arad, triumphal tours, bands led by Michael Pascaly Romanian theater and Matei Millo. Within these bands act as prompter and our great poet Mihai Eminescu. The old theater's 1873 Hirscl closes. This is because in 1874 the open seasons of the current theater auditorium.

In 1907, 30 November, the old theater building, the first cinema in Arad is inaugurated under the name "Urania," one of the oldest cinemas in the country. The cinema hall "Urania" on 16 April 1913, is the first representation of a Romanian film that is "War of Independence." The film was run for four consecutive days, with four performances daily. In 1917, auditorium, received the form it has today. With the advent of sound film, cinema "Urania" is closed, because the room did not meet the new conditions of projection, presenting a fire hazard.

On December 1, 1933, cinema "Urania" is reopened, having a movie screen and sound of the famous Pat Patachon. Cinema continues its work until 80, when closed, due to poor condition of the building.

Currently, the building is heritage authorities, who wanted to restore this valuable cultural edifice Arad and to play as much as possible, its original appearance.

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