Augustinian Museum in Toulouse - details and images

Musée des Augustins de Toulouse is a beautiful art museum that houses a collection of sculptures and paintings dating from the Middle Ages to the early twentieth century. French paintings and sculptures from all areas are representative ocitana culture of the region in association with Romanesque sculpture.

The building where the museum is housed was built in Gothic style in 1309 and before the French Revolution was belonging to the Order of Augustinian monastery in Toulouse. The monastery was secularized in 1793 and was open to the public as a museum, on 27 August 1795.

Collections totaled more than 4,000 works, most of which were confiscated Church during the French Revolution, as well as from private collections of immigrants.

Painting collection contains works from the XV - XVIII of French artists such as Jean-Baptiste Oudry, Philippe de Champaigne, Nicolas Tournier, etc.. Nineteenth century French painting - XX is represented by works of great painters such as Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, Edouard Manet and Eugene Delacroix.

The sculpture collection is rich in works from the twelfth century, and Romanian-style buildings from three religious - the Priory of Notre-Dame Daurada, Saint-Sernin Basilica and the Cathedral Saint-Etienne. But this work is representative of all centuries, including works by Auguste Rodin.

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