Balvanyos Fortress - details and images

Balvanyos Fortress, one of the oldest fortresses in the region, where there were once, during the reign of St. Stephen, the pagan temples.

During archaeological excavations here have been found Roman beads, and iron spears, old keys, medieval ceramics .

The middle tower is the oldest tower. After construction was followed and the interior walls, then the external walls of the fortress. From a structural point of view is framed tower class cities inside and the walls are irregular.

After taking a letter of King Sigismund dated 1402, says Peter Apor, the fortress was built in XI century during the reign of King St. Stephen (1000-1038). After him, the walls were built during the reign of Bela IV., In 1235, and the outside during the reign of Ladislaus IV, between 1272 and 1290. What is certain is that the property was already in the fourteenth century and is believed Apor family was a gift from the king. Pottery found here dates from before the eighteenth century. It is assumed therefore that in this century the city was already uninhabited.

To reach the ruins across the desert follow the road until you reach the peak League East, then go Castle. It is marked with yellow spots. (Running time: 1 hour)

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