Bansko - ski zone - details and images

The ski slopes are located in two main centers: Chalin Valog (1100-1600 m) and Shiligarnika (1700-2500 m). These two areas are located about 10 km up the city on the northern slopes of Pirin mountain and are easily accessible (25 min. Bansko cable car).

Total length of slopes is 65 km. Although the resort is known around the world only 10 years, it can provide a lot of tourists will visit. The season lasts long enough, thanks to the 44 snow cannons providing snow on most of Pirin mountain ribs. In addition, there are 12 vehicles that deals with maintenance of the slopes.

Slopes in the resort are varied and to suit every type of skier. Difficulty scale distribution is as followed: 30% Beginners, 45% Advanced and 35% Expert.

Snowboard lovers can enjoy the first amusement park in the Balkans, where they come from tourists around the world, driven by passion extreme sports. Both skiers and snowboard lovers can participate in different competitions held daily on the new part of Shiligarnika. Climbing them is assured tourists trails 8 lifts Dopplemayer seats, 4 Dopplemayer lifts, 3 chairlifts Poma, 7 lifts and 10 ski lifts for children.

The total length of cable installation equipment in the resort is 26 km. Access to cable installation is on a pretty cheap Ski-card. Tourists can inform non - stop about the weather, with the panels located at the cable car departure station. The resort is part of the slalom and giant slalom, but undeveloped trails with a total length of 5 km. There are still a ski run called Rollbahn, with a total length of 3 km, located 2 km from the resort.

Recently they opened November 2 ski slopes, and for lovers of the extreme there are so-called "Amusement Park". One of the new party joins the Jelezen Platoto and other Kolarska of Banderishka Polyana.

A bonus for the skier is the 7 kilometers long lighted ski - road between Banderishka polyana and the town. Some of the pistes offer wonderful conditions for night skiing, which is available for everyone from 18.30 until 21.30.

The new 8-seats Gondola cabin by Dopplemayer was inaugurated two seasons ago and spread over 6 km, connecting the resort with Banderishka glade. Cableway installations stretching over 26 km around the resort. Specialist staff in these facilities is of great help skiers. They recently opened two lifts, one fixed and Kolarska Banderishka, Bridge and other fixed Zelezniq Platoto. Tomba coast, reserved for beginners, running a ski lift. The resort had a "ski kindergarten'' for children between 4 and 7 years old, equipped with specially designed lifts and trails. Junior Club of the resort offers maximum fun for the kids.

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