Bansko's Caves - details and images

"Hana" cave: it is a small cave with different rooms full of stalactites, stalgmites and other formations. Unique landscape is seen at the exit of the cave. The cave is located under the Banderitsa hut, in the recess that descends from the Damdzhievi Rocks skali to the hut.

The cave "Saint Ivan Rilski": it has a difficult route, the cave is about half an hour from the Rislki monastery.

"Lepenitsa" Cave: The cave is located in the western Rodopi mountain, about 11 km from the town of Velingrad. Lepenitsa is 1525 meters long, with three levels (floors). The first floor is crossed by an underground river, on the second floor you can see some lakes, and the third floor is inaccessible to visitors.

The "Boichova dupka" cave: it is about 19 km from the town of Simitli and about 70 km. the city of Bansko. The cave is not yet accessible to tourists.

"Snejanka" Cave: The cave is near the town of Peshtera, it will take approximately 2 hours to get from Bansko to Snejanka.

The "Snejanka" cave is one of the most beautiful caves in the country, which contains almost all types of rock formations.

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