Barsana Monastery - details and images

Barsana Monastery is located in the village of the same name in Maramures county.
Settlement was built in the mid 16th century by Mr. Drăgoşeşti who founded the monastery of Peri (Săpânţa today). Monastery dedicated to St. Nicholas and was wearing one of the most important of the entire region of Maramures. Here he was in residence that time Ştefanca Bishop Gabriel (Gabriel Barsana).

The church was used for monastic until 1791, when the monastery was reopened in 1993 desfiinţată.Mănăstirea Barsana is with the blessing of this place by PS Justinian Chira - Bishop of Maramures and Satu Mare. It started building the new church, the altar of summer, and the cells of the chapel. The entire assembly is made by artisans from Barsana.

Using as inspiration the local tradition of the monastery buildings are all made of oak and river stones, being built by local craftsmen, thus ensuring continuity and combining art cioplirii wood.

Today the monastery also includes: wooden church in Maramures style, Aghiasmatarul, abbots, altar Summer House confessor, artist House, House masters, with trapeze Praznicarul Museum monastery bell tower, the entrance gate Maramures, funerary monument. They are linked by a series of paths that are flanked by beautiful flower arrangements. There's even a small lake in the monastery with a small bridge above.

Barsana Monastery is one of the most beautiful monastery in Maramures and tidy, being visited daily by hundreds of pilgrims but also tourists from the country and abroad. It's definitely a place that you should not miss from any route through the photos.

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