Basnko's waterfalls - details and images

Demyanishki skok: This waterfall is located near the Damyanitsa River. With an elevation of 11 meters and is located at an altitude of 1750 meters to the east of the lower transverse threshold of the river, where the northern border of the Demyanitsa area is formed.
It became a protected tourist destination in 1965.
Iulenski Skok Waterfall is 3 km away. Close to Demyanishki skok is also the forest road from Bansko to Demyanitsa cottage.

Banderishki Skok: this is one of the largest waterfalls formed on the Banderitsa river bed with its height of 30m. It is declared a tourist destination in 1965. Banderishki skokse is located in the Banderitsa canyon near the Banderitsași hut, with a height of 1700m. It starts from the cliff slope at Donchovi karauli.

Yulenski Skok: The Iulenski skok waterfall was formed by the Damyanitsa River and is located in the Gradishteto area of ​​the Pirin Mountains, with a height of 1650m and especially in the average flow of the Damyanitsa River. Its height is 9 m. Near the waterfall is located the Yulensky Reservation.

Saint Nicholas Waterfall: it is located between Bansko and Dobrinishte, it is 8 km in the eastern part of the Pirin mountains. It is close to two tourist objectives. The unnamed city and the land of St. Nicholas. the waterfall is located on the steep cliffs of the St. Nicholas land.

Skakaloto Waterfall: is one of the waterfalls that are further away from the Bansko region. Located at an altitude of 550m, only 15 min or 9 km from the village of Vlahi, which is at a distance of 8 km from the city of Kresna. The riverbed is surrounded by a rocky edge and there forms a picturesque waterfall of 20-25 meters, which at the bottom breaks into a small rock and forms a small lake.

Popinolashki Waterfall: This waterfall declared a natural tourist destination is located in the Popina Laka region in the northern part of the Pirinla mountains 18 km from the town of Sandanski. Bistritsa.

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