Belvedere Museum Vienna - details and images

Prince Eugene of Savoy (1663-1736), many successful military commander, and lover of the arts, commissioned Johann Lukas von Hildebrandt and fit to the Belvedere summer residence, at that time the city gates.
The entire work of baroque architecture consists of two palaces (Belvedere Palace Belvedere Palace Upper and Lower) and today houses an exhibition of paintings belonging to the Austrian period between medieval and modern.
Pieces of resistance from the palace collection are paintings by Gustav Klimt, especially the two masterpieces, "The Kiss" and "Judith." Impressive are masterpieces by Schiele and Kokoschka's, and French Impressionist paintings or the Vienna Biedermeier current (Waldmüller, Amerling, Fendi), alongside paintings by Makart, Boeckl, Wotruba, Hausner, Hundertwasser was
Is represented here later Gothic masterpieces such as the powerful shrine Znaimer or baroque works of Michael packer, The Old Ruelland Frueauf Conrad Laib. On works such as those by Johann Michael Rottmayr Daniel Gran and Paul Troger, we can see details of the luxurious life of this era. Grimasele impressive and the characters are sculpted Franz Xaver Messerschmidt.
Belvedere - Lower Palace - Prince Eugene Apartments
Greatness feudal noble knight reflect grotesque Hall in Marble Gallery and the Chamber Aurit. In the Lower Palace and impressive exhibitions are organized Oranjerie special character.

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