Black Church Brasov - details and images

Sixteenth century edifice, originally known as the Saint Mary's Church, Black Church is the most representative monument of Gothic architecture in Romania.
The church was torched before the year 1384, and the reconstruction lasted until 1477. An inscription discovered in the wall attest that the first church founded by him which we learn that Thomas died in 1410. Used by architects plan was to basilica with three naves, of equal height, joined in the type of church-hall favorite in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries in the German area, where some were from other architects and craftsmen.

Black Church is the largest religious edifice in Gothic style of south-eastern Europe measuring 89 meters long, 38 meters wide, 21 meters high and 40 meters indoors outside. In this church fit about 5,000 people, about how the city's population was age. Badly damaged by fire in 1689, the Black Church is restored with the help of craftsmen arrived in Gdansk, as local craftsmen did not know how close both large-sized vaults. New Baroque domes are made and not gothic.

Black Church is famous not only because of its impressive size. Thus, houses the largest bell to bell in the Romanian space, a bronze bell weighs 6 tons. Black Church is known for his great organ (the largest in south-eastern Europe) with over 4000 pipes. Choir supported by external buttresses decorated with statues of saints edicole that house is one of the few examples of its kind in Transylvania. Oriental Rugs Collection of the Black Church is the richest collection of its kind in Romania.

Brasov If you do not miss the weekly organ concerts held here on the largest organ (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) in south-eastern Europe.

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