Black Eagle Palace - Chennai - details and images

The palace, located at Independence Street No.1, was built between 1907-1908 by architects Marcell Komor and Dezso Oradea Jakob in Secession style. Contractor work was Ferenc Sztarill. In place of this building was the palace of Green Tree, which had a room that housed the cultural and political manifestations.

The building, ground floor and four storeys high, consisting of two bodies between which is a glazed passage with access to Independence Street, Union Square and St. Basil Alecsandri. Union Square main facade is asymmetrical, consisting of two large bodies, uneven, revealing best Secession style. Independence Street facade of the body is more orderly and sober. The central reason is the body out, divided into two registers, which ends in the attic trilobate with a stained glass in the eardrum. The stained glass with the black eagle, an emblem of the Palace, was executed in 1909 in Oradea workshop K. Neumann

Black Eagle Palace is the most important building of this style in Oradea. The building is multifunctional, including, at the time of inauguration, casino, hotel, offices, restaurants, grouped into three asymmetrical bodies. Currently, the building houses a hotel, a cinema, a bank, and several clubs, cafes and restaurants, is an important meeting place for the social scene of Oradea.

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