Blacksmiths' Bastion Brasov - details and images

Located in the northwest corner of the city of Brasov, Blacksmiths' Bastion already existed at 1521. The first documentary is dated but eight years later, in 1529. Since pentagonal shape, the bastion is built on three levels, with gaps for firing fuel oil and the goals could install cannons and small arms (bombing).

In this place was originally a tower, first mentioned in 1521, destroyed by flood in 1526, then rebuilt. On 30 July 1667, another flood destroyed the fortifications of this place, so that the works are completed in 1668 in Blacksmith's Bastion form today.
Great Fire of 1689 has turned into a ruin bastion for the next 20 years.

After 1734, will be used only in non-military purposes, such as grain storage and housing. In 1820, the tower instead of blacksmiths, there was a smaller bear - finished by master builder Joseph Jani - Brasov with arms on the frontispiece. Greatly hindered the movement, and this gate was demolished in 1874. Bastion has suffered major repairs to 1709, adding the brick arches. In 1923 the archives were brought bastion in Brasov Council House, and remain here permanently.

In 1938, after a while he served mountain of piety, the building was renovated, reaching the form we know today.

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