Bog Mohos - Harghita - details and images

Bog Mohos ("Lake moss ") is a swamp with an area of 80 ha formed a massive volcanic crater Ciomatu. That crater is twofold, first recess accommodating Lake St. Anne and the two The Swamp.
The first crater erupted was the one with the future swamp,it has quieted and formed a lake. Later, the second crater erupted and the ashes were thrown into the lake in large part on which almost completely clogged it and encourage development of peat moss. The swamp is a lake with moss with some pools of water. Interesting is that the ecosystem that has formed here allowed the development of species of plants - poisonous, hallucinogenic or carnivores (some unique in Romania).

The look is very strange. "Lake" is covered by a forest of Pinus sylvestris whose height is inversely proportional to the thickness of the peat. When it rains, the layer of peat properties becomes a sponge and can be dangerous, so moving is a wooden walkway. Wooden bridge leading to two pools of water remaining in the old lake and slowly they will be clogged. Two lakes water is almost black due to peat.

Due to the type of rare relict species (cane field, cottons, sedges, willow, the dew of heaven) Peat has been declared a natural monument.

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