Botanic Garden - Bucharest - details and images

Botanical Garden of Bucharest, was placed in the current location in 1884, with an area of ~ 17 hectares, thanks to Prof. Dr. Dimitrie Brandza passion and landscape architect Fuchs, a native of Brussels.

Completion Botanic Garden takes place in 1891, when he inaugurated the greenhouses (now old) and the Botanical Institute building, which was also bombed in 1944. The garden: ornamental plant sector, geographical groups (Romanian flora of rare plants, plants from the Mediterranean area), the Dobrudja flora, waterfalls, Italian garden, rosary, the useful plants, the "Plant System" stand - Dendrarium, and finally , though not finally, the complex of greenhouses.

Greenhouse Complex is one of the most important buildings in the garden, which allows exotic plant growing in warm regions of the globe. Botanical Garden in Bucharest today remains an oasis of peace, meditation, delight the eye and spirit.

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