Bottomless Lake - Ocna Sibiului - details and images

"Bottomless Lake" is part of the complex of the 52 salt lakes, which are known to resort Ocna Sibiu. Public Park is located in the City Ocna Sibiu, near the railway station, is known as the "Lake wood" or "Lake Francis."
Located in an area of hills, the lake was formed in place of Francis Grube mine, closed in 1775, the ceiling collapsed. Currently, he has an oval shape with a diameter of 40 m and 50 m, with an area ranging between 1384 m and 1655 m, a volume of 11,114 cubic meters and a truncated cone shape, with a maximum depth of 34 5 m.
The salinity of the lake is 9 g / l at the surface, and grows very rapidly with depth: 38 g / l at 1 m, 122 g / l to 1.5 m, 203 g / l at 2 m, 320 g / l to 5.5 m.
The importance of this lake is connected or chemi-thermal regime. The water temperature depends on the vertical distribution of salt concentrations, which grows in depth. Lake water accumulates solar heat and hot season and retain part in the winter.
The "bottomless lake" this phenomenon called "heliothermic" manifests the most powerful reason for which was declared a protected natural area, category IV, according to IUCN framing "nature reserve". To maintain helioermie phenomenon is necessary to surface water layer is not shaken.
Flora and fauna of the lake are directly influenced by climate characteristics and water chemistry. In tests conducted this bacterium Beggiatoa is found in all the profiles it is a species halotoleranta specify brackish water.

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